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Gilroy Foundation Fund Donors Steve and Jan Peat have several businesses in Santa Rosa that were affected by the fires.  One store was completely destroyed and others have been closed.  The Peats have made sure that all employees affected are redirected to other stores, so their jobs are not in jeopardy; however, many employees were personally affected by the fires with lost homes and belongings.  Steve and Jan want to assist those employees and their families, they are donating up to $20,000 through the Gilroy Foundation to assist those affected.  And, they are challenging others to increase that amount.  If you would like to help the Peats in their goal of raising $40,000, please click here to make a tax deductable donation. No amount is too small.  


Click here to make a gift to the General Endowment Fund to help us respond to the highest priorities of the community, or choose from our list of five Community Needs Funds. Gifts of cash, stock, or real estate are welcome. No gift is too small (or too large)! Please click on the link to learn more about Stock Contributions

Elan Family Fund

To donate to the Elan Family Investment Youth Fund - City of Gilroy Parks and Rec Youth Programs.

Click here to donate to the Elan Family Investment Youth Fund.

Gilroy High School Class of 1976

Click here to donate to help fund scholarships for Gilroy High School graduates.

Growing Up Gilroy

You clicked on this link because you or someone you know grew up in Gilroy!

Now, you’ve moved on…or maybe even stayed local….but you hold fond memories of those days “Growing Up Gilroy.”  And you realize that it’s time to give back—to make those memories happen for the next generation of those who are “Growing Up Gilroy,” but who don’t quite have the means to take part in some of those local activities that could make a real difference in their lives—just like it did in yours.

Back then, you may have been involved in tumbling at Wheeler Auditorium, the STAR program at Gavilan College, Parks and Rec classes or Little League at the local fields…..just to name a few.

Those who donated to create this Fund have their names listed as Charter Donors on our Growing Up Gilroy page. Money from this Fund is used by our Competitive Grants Committee to award grants to local youth organizations that are requesting money for fee assistance for attendees. And THAT is how you can “pay it forward”—giving another child a chance to make the same memories you did when you were “Growing Up Gilroy.”

Just click this link  to see this short video and read more about this fund. Growing Up Gilroy: the Elizabeth Farotte Heenan story

Click here to donate to the Growing Up Gilroy Fund. 

Natalia Salcido Legacy Fund

Family and friends of Natalia and her family are starting the Natalia Salcido Legacy Fund. This Fund will provide annual grants to local youth programs (sports, cheerleading, leadership programs, theater, educational travel and the arts) that Natalia participated in and loved.

Click here to donate to the Natalia Salcido Legacy Fund.


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