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Growing Up Gilroy

When the idea of this fund first sprouted in the mind of Executive Director Donna Pray, her intent was to pull at the heart strings of the youth that were the same age as her four children, encouraging them to “give back” to the community where they grew and were nurtured.

The name of the fund came to light at a gathering of Ambassadors in late 2014, emails were sent to Gen Xers and Millennials who we hoped would become Charter Donors and have their names listed as such on this page. Eventually, parents began giving money to grow the fund in the names of their children as well. Then, at the 2016 Day In The Country, additional funds were donated to bring us to our $10,000 goal to open the fund.

To raise the needed funds, we reminded our contacts that they wanted to find out more about this fund because they grew up in Gilroy!

They may have moved away…or maybe even stayed local….but they continued to hold fond memories of those days “Growing Up Gilroy.”  And now they realize that it’s time to give back—to make those memories happen for the next generation of those who are “Growing Up Gilroy,” but who don’t quite have the means to take part in some of those local activities that could make a real difference in their lives—just like it did in their life.

What follows is the list of Charter Donors. Because of their generosity, money will be available during the 2017 Grant Cycle to fund a competitive grant application from a local youth organization that is requesting money for fee assistance for attendees.

As a donor when you “pay it forward,” you give another child a chance to make the same memories you did when you were “Growing Up Gilroy.”

Just click on this link Growing Up Gilroy: the Elizabeth Farotte Heenan story to see this short video.

 Click here to donate to the Growing Up Gilroy Fund. 


Charter Donors

Gilroy Arts Alliance         
Kathleen Habing Anderson
Frank Angelino
Whitney Pray Beatty
Elizabeth Belliveau
James Belliveau
James Gregory Berta  
John Blaettler
Lee Blaettler
Morgan Blaettler
Marie Patane Blankley
Dominic Bozzo
Gianna Bozzo
Olivia Bozzo
Adam Brinkman
Ben Brinkman
MaryAlice Eyherabide Brinkman
Denise Brolin
Shannon Derry Catalano
Garrett Colton
Ryan Colton
Zach Colton
Leslie Conrotto
Matt Corona
David Cox
Cayla Derry
Mariah Derry
Jenny Mitgaard Derry
Alyssa Dorn
Nick Dorn
Rosalind Maida Farotte
Susan Habing Ferreira
Darin Filice
Dean Filice
Katherine Filice
Nolan Filice
Steve Filice
Nicole Pray Gibson
Joel Goldsmith
Jolene Goldsmith
Mitch Goldsmith
Paula Goldsmith
Yesenia Gonzalez
Jim Habing
Steve Habing
William Habing
Elizabeth Farotte Heenan
Jeff Heinzen
Randy Heinzen
Amelia Hollis
Alan Hoshida
Stephen Hoshida
Thomas Hoshida
William Hoshida
Kristin Hubbard
Kevin Kaefer
Wendy Kaefer
Larry Kent
Lori Kent
Max Kent
Sam Kent
Janet Headly Krulee
Cindy Habing Layton
Jay Lazarus
Joey Lazarus
Rosemary Maida
Monica Marrazzo
Alyssa Marschke
Greg & Jean Myers
Erin O'Brien       
Alexis Pray O'Neill
Andrea Erich Payne
Marianne Colt Peoples
Dave Peoples
Carol J. Peters
Jack Peters
Rod & Marion Pintello
Judson Pray
Jennifer Lazarus Scherpinski
Alexander Shipman
Nicole Berta Sorenson
Ali Souza
Brittney Souza
Matt Titus
John Alfred Tomey 
Stephanie Vegh
Charlie Woodward
Sierra Woodward
Steven Ynzunza
Alex Zamaripa