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Gilroy Foundation Youth Board

The Gilroy Foundation Youth Board provides local middle school and high school students the opportunity support community and school needs through teamwork, collaboration, and partnership with the Gilroy Foundation.

Our mission for the Youth Board is to educate and mobilize students to help solve the greatest challenges in our community. By combining the creativity and passion of these young people with the experience and guidance of adults, we can create a structure in which they can thrive and make a real, lasting difference. Students learn about the many different aspects of giving back to their community by volunteering time and understanding and defining needs.

Foundation Ambassadors, Emeritus Board Members and Member of the Board of Directors serve as “Mentors” to the Youth Board, along with a staff member.  Mentors for the 2018-2019 school year are Ericka Davis, Cheryl Ellemberg, Deanna Franklin and Sal Tomasello.

School principals choose one or two students that are interested in this challenge and opportunity, and who will work together and understand the time commitment, leadership qualities, and involvement required. Parents are also asked to understand what is being asked of their children and to support their efforts.

William Anderson - Saint Mary School
Michael Artmore Jr. - Ascension Solorsano Middle School  
Jacob Baker - South Valley Middle School
Jessica Bright - Christopher High School
Rylie Canfield - Ascension Solorsano Middle School 
Nathan Chavez  - Gilroy High School
Cole Davis - Christopher High School
Trevor Davis - South Valley Middle School
Julia Donovan - Saint Mary School
Dylan Ellemberg - Christopher High School
Austin Ellemberg - Christopher High School
Madison Emmert - South Valley Middle School
Jamin Escudero - Brownell Middle School
Angelina Felix - Brownell Middle School
Alyssa Gonzalez - South Valley Middle School
Isabella Rose Gubuan Rosal - Ascension Solorsano Middle School 
Jack Guenther - Saint Mary School
Lizette Jimenez Martinez - Brownell Middle School
Meyhar Kamrah - Brownell Middle School
Sameera Khan – Dr. T.J. Ownes Gilroy Early College Academy
Maana Kolagotla - Ascension Solorsano Middle School 
Alexis Jeanie Kong - Brownell Middle School
Bella Sol Padilla - South Valley Middle School
Brooklynn Pearl - Brownell Middle School
Cecilia Pearl - Gilroy High School
Ashleigh Perales - Christopher High School
John Perales Jr. - Christopher High School
Allison Ramirez - Christopher High School
Karina Rodriguez - Ascension Solorsano Middle School 
Danielle Russell - Christopher High School
Ashlyn Torres - Ascension Solorsano Middle School 
Julia Vanni - Christopher High School
Sierra Woodward - South Valley Middle School

Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the Youth Board.