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Gilroy Historic Paseo

A path to Downtown Gilroy’s revitalization

The new Downtown Paseo is open! Designed to conveniently link pedestrians visiting the shops and restaurants on Monterey Street with Gourmet Alley and adjacent parking, the Gilroy Historic Paseo is more than a thoroughfare—it is a path through Gilroy’s rich history.

With a community partnership of private and public funding, under the direction of award-winning landscape architect Karen Aitken, the beautifully-designed Gilroy Historic Paseo welcomes tourists and residents alike.

Celebrating Gilroy’s Heritage

Gilroy’s community pride is reflected in historic murals that tell a visual story of our people, our businesses, and our community. People of all ages can travel through time as they learn about Gilroy’s storied past. Informative kiosks encourage visitors to discover key landmarks and attractions throughout the area.

Downtown is the heart of the Gilroy community. The historic buildings that line old Monterey Street are now home to unique restaurants, wine bars, antique shops, specialty stores, and other attractions. The Gilroy Historic Paseo provides a focal point for tourists, a place for children to learn, and a vital connection to Gilroy’s roots for the world to enjoy.

Paseo Panel Sponsors

Panel Sponsorships are complete with our heartfelt appreciation to the following::

  1. Recology South Valley
  2. Gilroy Downtown Business Assoc.
  3. Headstart Nursery
  4. Gilroy Chamber of Commerce
  5. Habing Family Funeral Home
  6. Gilroy Arts Alliance
  7. Pinnacle Bank
  8. RJ. Dyer & Family
  9. Christopher Ranch
  10. Jack & Carol Peters
  11. Gilroy Rotary