Other Services

Gilroy Foundation also offers customized fee-based philanthropy services, including:

NonProfit INVESTMENT Partners

We offer investment management services to qualified nonprofit organizations. Whether your investment fund is $10,000 or $10 million, our nonprofit investment services give your organization the flexibility to make withdrawals and add contributions. Because our investments are managed through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (with about $13.5 billion in assets), our investment returns are extremely competitive.

  • 1.5% administration fee

Special Project Pass-Through Gifts/Grants

Special short-term projects, such as non-profit real estate renovations or community programs, can be administered by Gilroy Foundation. The Foundation may partner with other community organizations through grant applications and/or MOUs when the outcomes are in alignment with the Foundation’s current strategic priorities.

Special Projects will be accepted and administered by the Foundation upon approval of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors after the donor has accepted the Special Projects and Partnerships Guidelines & Criteria and signed a Special Project Pass-Through Agreement.

Since this service was initiated in 2009, over $4.5 million in community projects have been completed to the benefit of Gilroy residents.

  • Special Project/Grant Partnership administration fee is 5% of project gift(s)/grant(s).
  • Under certain circumstances, fees can be adjusted or waived if a donor contribution is made directly to a Gilroy Foundation Community Needs Endowment fund.

Scholarship Fund Administration

Gilroy Foundation provides two types of administrative support for scholarship funds:

  1. Foundation-Managed Scholarships
    • Gilroy Foundation selects recipient(s) and distributes funds
    • 2% fee from the Scholarship Fund
    • No checking account fee
  2. Donor-Involved Scholarships
    • The donor selects recipient(s)
    • Gilroy Foundation distributes funds
    • 2% fee from the Scholarship Fund
    • $250 annual fee for checking accounts used in fundraising projects

Fiscal Sponsorships

With a fiscal sponsorship, your group can utilize Gilroy Foundation’s legal and tax-exempt status for non-profit activities and short-term projects that support our overall mission.

Fiscal Sponsorships are accepted by the Board of Directors upon approval of the group’s Fiscal Sponsorship Application and signed Agreement of Fiscal Sponsorship. The legal non-profit process must be started within 6 months of affiliation and completed within 12 months, at which time the relationship of Fiscal Sponsorship will cease. To see a list of the groups we currently serve as fiscal sponsors click here.

  • 5% fee of monthly fundraising income with a minimum of $250 upfront charge