Latino Family Fund de Gilroy

In 2005, Gilroy Foundation Board Members and their Executive Director attended an event at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  They spoke to a member of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley who introduced them to a document entitled Familia, Fe y Comunidad: Giving and Volunteering Among Hispanics in Silicon Valley.

The document reported that Latinos are philanthropic but make their gifts informally, rather than use formal channels, such as donating money to a nonprofit.

Moved by the findings, current and past Board Members and their families in Gilroy set out to bring more Latinos into formal philanthropy and to raise awareness of Latino giving and volunteering.  They believed that in order for Gilroy to continue to thrive, steps needed to be taken to integrate Latinos into all levels of the community, and that the space of philanthropy was the optimal place to connect the City’s diverse communities around a common mission of giving and volunteering.

In 2006, twelve families pooled their own money to establish a donor-advised fund with Gilroy Foundation, called the Latino Family Fund de Gilroy.

Since then, they have established their own mission and vision statements, along with a strategic plan for growth and development.  Over the years, they reached out to increase their membership and planned fundraising events to increase their grantmaking Fund.

They have gifted more than $71,000 to local organizations serving the Latino community.  They have increased their endowed donor-advised fund from $10,000 to over $230,000.

If you would like to donate to their endowment for their grantmaking program, please click here.

In 2013, they partnered with South Valley Middle School to support youth in cultivating their leadership, grantmaking, and fundraising skills through a Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) program.  They now have YIP in all three of Gilroy’s middle schools.  The students have awarded more than $16,000.

If you would like to donate to the Youth in Philanthropy grantmaking program, please click here.