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Gilroy Foundation Ambassadors

Ambassadors are local residents and business leaders who help promote awareness about Gilroy Foundation in the community and also contribute to special committees and events.

  • We call on our Ambassadors to represent the foundation at local events such as Chamber Mixers and fundraisers for our nonprofit investment partners.
  • We invite them to be grant and scholarship readers.
  • We ask them to visit a grantee organization and let us know how a grant from Gilroy Foundation impacted their group.
  • We call them with questions and advice as we investigate new outreach and awareness programs. We communicate with them via email quarterly and invite them to attend one meeting each year to be made aware—first hand—of the goings on of Gilroy Foundation.

Gilroy Foundation’s Ambassadors are our eyes and ears in our local community.

Gilroy Foundation Ambassadors

  • Gina Anderson
  • Betty Angelino
  • Denise Apuzzo 
  • Marilyn Ayala
  • Barbara Biafore
  • Dennis & Kristin Bright
  • Matt & Melanie Corona
    Kendall Costa
  • Ericka Davis
  • Jenny Derry
  • Tiffany Doyle
  • Rick Dyer
  • Cheryl Ellemberg
  • Deanna Franklin
  • Patty Giacalone
  • Yesenia Gonzalez
  • Glenita Gordon
  • Kevin Heath
  • Jaime Heisch
  • Dia Hoshida
  • Susie Kafka
  • Luba Kharchenko
  • Libby Lai
  • Hector Mariscal
    Vito Mercado
  • J. Chris Mickartz
  • Brigitte Nicholls
  • Carol Peters
    Margene Peterson
  • Whitney Pintello
  • Monica “Micki” Pirozzoli
  • Gloria Pollock
  • Jason Raby
  • Jim Rhodes
  • Charlotte Rocha
  • Debbie Russell
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Larry Sanford
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Karen Titus
    Matt Titus
    Amy Tripoli
  • Raquel Vanni
  • C.J. Wallace
  • Melissa Wark
    Christine Wheeler
  • Heidi Wierzba