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Where giving knows no bounds. We believe that philanthropy is not just for the few, but for everyone who shares a passion for building a stronger community. With each dollar donated, we witness the transformative power of generosity in action.

What we do

About Us

Founded in 1980, Gilroy Foundation has been a catalyst for positive change, providing a platform for individuals, families, and corporations to unite and create an endowment that will endure for generations to come. Our unwavering dedication is evident in our current assets of over $15 million—a testament to the commitment our community members have towards the future prosperity and well-being of Gilroy.

As a nonprofit public benefit corporation designated by the I.R.S. as 501(c)(3), Gilroy Foundation is proud to serve our community with integrity and transparency. We strive to make a lasting impact by ensuring that all donations made to our foundation are tax-deductible, providing an opportunity for individuals to support our cause while also receiving valuable tax benefits (Federal Tax ID #94-2719281).

Join us in building a lasting legacy for Gilroy. Explore our website to learn more about our initiatives, impact, and ways to get involved. Your support can make a significant difference, driving positive change and shaping the future we envision for our beloved community.

Discover how you can be part of the Gilroy Foundation legacy today. Together, we can create a lasting impact that will benefit Gilroy for generations to come.

History of Gilroy Foundation

In the 1980s, Fenton O’Connell challenged the Foundation to get the community to match his $25,000 donation; Gilroy Foundation partnered with Silicon Valley Community Foundation for our endowment; and GF Board of Directors made a decision to host its first Auction.

In the 1990s, Gilroy Foundation hired an Executive Director and opened its first office in Downtown Gilroy; the goal of the Board of Directors was to have a $1Million endowment by 2000; and the first Gilroy Foundation Scholarship was awarded. We had the Wine Cooler Booth at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

In the 2000s, the Fund Development Committee was formed to grow Gilroy Foundation assets to $10Million in 5 years; the first Group Fund, Latino Family Fund was opened; the first real estate donation of a Gilroy apartment house was received. We moved downtown to the building we are in today, across from the Post Office.

In the 2010s, Gilroy Foundation’s Youth Board was formed; Gilroy Foundation had assets of $16 Million. The Christopher Family partnered with Gilroy Foundation to begin the four-year process of building the Don Christopher Sports Complex. The Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund awarded nearly $1.9Million to victims of the Garlic Festival shooting.

In the 2020s, we experienced life like never before. We learned many new words and incorporated them into our lives: resilience, remote work, pandemic, isolation, essential workers, pivot, and Zoom. But, there are exciting times ahead for Gilroy Foundation, as we not only “bounced back” but are “bouncing forward.”

Founders Circle 1980
  • Bill Ayer, President
  • Bill Paterson, Vice President
  • Sharon Albert, Secretary
  • Carol Rosario, Treasurer
  • Karen Christopher
  • Greg Cowart
  • Mike Filice
  • Florentino Guizar
  • Robert Infelise
  • Maxine Kent
  • Eric Nagareda
  • Joe Pedota
  • Paul Sweet
  • Gene Wells

Discover the inspiring work of the Latino Family Fund de Gilroy! Established in 2006 as a donor-advised fund, the Latino Family Fund has evolved to establish its own unique mission, vision, and strategy, making a meaningful impact in our community. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and the transformative initiatives they are spearheading.

What we believe & do

We believe that when people feel respected and included, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful.

We value the visible and invisible qualities that make all constituents who they are.

We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and vision in our efforts to support our local community.

We strive to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices at the center of all of the work we do. In our commitment to continuous improvement, we will seek training sessions and present sessions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Staff and Board members on an ongoing basis.

We commit to communicate these values to all of our constituents; to create opportunities to listen to the voices directly from our community; to ensure board recruitment and employment is diverse and inclusive; and to assess the progress we make in these areas annually.

We pledge to use this policy as a lens not only to conduct day-to-day business but also call out the commitment to using when making grant and/or scholarship decisions.

Our guiding principals
  • MISSION: To establish a legacy of giving, Gilroy Foundation links charitable gifts from donors to the vital needs of the community
  • VISION: By engaging all aspects of the community, Gilroy Foundation is the recognized leader in connecting resources to community needs
  • VALUES: Transparent, Responsive, Compassionate, Inclusive, Enduring