Give Where You Live

Start a Fund

Gilroy Foundation makes it easy for you, your family, or your organization to start a separate charitable fund without the cost and administrative demands of funding a private foundation.

Funds can be endowed or non-endowed. An endowed fund is a permanent fund that will serve the community indefinitely, with only 5% of the fund’s balance used for annual grantmaking. On the other hand, a non-endowed fund allows for the utilization of any percentage of the fund’s balance for grantmaking and will close once the balance is depleted.

We offer many types of funds for individuals, families, groups, or organizations:

  1. Unlock the potential of the Gilroy Foundation Competitive Grants program with our endowed Unrestricted Fund, dedicated to meeting the current needs of our community and making a lasting impact. Join us in supporting diverse initiatives that foster positive change in Gilroy.
  2. Discover the power of a Field of Interest Fund tailored to your specific passions, whether it’s education, the arts, youth sports, displaced families, or any other area of interest. These endowed funds provide crucial support to the Gilroy Foundation Competitive Grants program, enabling impactful initiatives aligned with your chosen field of interest to thrive in our community.
  3. Empower your favorite charity with lasting annual support through a Designated Fund, providing a dedicated and endowed avenue to make a meaningful and ongoing impact.
  4. Take control of your philanthropic journey with a Donor-Advised Fund, allowing you to have a say in selecting the annual recipients of your charitable contributions while ensuring enduring impact through an endowed fund.
  5. Empower nonprofit organizations to grow their reserves or capital campaign contributions by partnering with Gilroy Foundation through our Nonprofit Investment Partner (NPIP) Funds, which provide the option for both endowed and non-endowed funds while offering the flexibility for annual disbursals from the non-endowed funds as needed.
  6. Empower local high school and college students by establishing a Scholarship Fund, providing invaluable support for their educational pursuits, with the option to create endowed or non-endowed funds.

Gilroy Foundation also offers donors ­Pass Through grantmaking and scholarship opportunities. A donor gives a gift to the Foundation (plus a 5% administration fee) with their choice of agencies to receive a grant and/or scholarship criteria.