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The sustainability of our work relies on the active participation of our members! Join us in becoming a member and play a pivotal role in securing a lasting source of funds for the Gilroy community, ensuring our impact endures for decades to come. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.

About Membership

What is a Gilroy Foundation member?

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Our members are vital to our mission!

By giving annually, Gilroy Foundation members play a crucial role in keeping our endowed fund active and robust. This directly benefits our community through yearly grants, as well as ensures a reserve of funds to continue enhancing Gilroy well into the future.

We believe that philanthropy should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer a wide range of membership levels, allowing you to make a meaningful impact for less than $10 a month!

If your consecutive annual membership donations add up to $10,000 in total, then you’re eligible to open your own fund as well.

Choose where your generosity goes:

  • General Grantmaking Fund: By selecting this fund, you make an impact on the most urgent needs of our community, addressing diverse challenges as they arise.
  • Community Needs Funds: These funds, available in the fields of Agriculture, Art, Education, Health, and Technology, support our Competitive Grants Program. By choosing a Community Needs Fund, you can align your dollars with the cause that resonates most with your philanthropic vision.

Five percent of year-end balances from these investment funds fuel our annual grant-making cycle, ensuring that the impact of our collective efforts continues to flourish.

Each year, Gilroy Foundation receives grant requests that exceed our grantable dollars by more than 200%. Members help us close that gap!

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Our personal family values, beliefs, and the ability to give has enabled us to donate to Gilroy Foundation. We share those values with the foundation which delivers result-oriented benefits to those in most need in our community. We are confident our donations are reaching the intended recipients.

— Rachel and John Perez Chair Latino Family Fund
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Our family gives because we are committed to the future health of Gilroy and its residents. Gilroy Foundation’s grant-giving process is a fair and efficient means of distributing funds. It gives us confidence that our unrestricted family fund is being used wisely to address the many needs of our community.

— Paula Goldsmith Fund Donor
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Our family Gives Where We Live because it is important to focus our support on our local community. Gilroy Foundation’s long list of giving options–from supporting college and trade scholarships, to contributing to grant making to local nonprofits, and to facilitating Legacy Giving planning–helped us to guide our giving decisions

— Nancy and Ted Becker Emeritus Board Member
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Frequently asked questions about membership

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by making a donation within your preferred membership level. To donate via PayPal, use these links:

Become a silver member
Become a gold member
Become a platinum member

You can also print our membership form and send it along with a check to our address:

Gilroy Foundation
P.O. Box 774
Gilroy, CA 95021

I have a cause I care about, but I’m not sure how to make an impact. Can you help?

We’d love to. Our staff is here to help you navigate the many options available and help you choose the one that best fits your situation and priorities. No matter what cause you care about, we can identify or create a vehicle to maximize your impact. Please contact us to discuss the many ways you can give back to Gilroy.

Do memberships renew automatically?

No. You will have the opportunity each year to renew your membership. You can do so by responding to our renewal mail-out or by contacting us.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes. Whether you’re making a one-time donation or are making grants from your own fund, you can remain anonymous if you so choose.

Have other questions? Please contact us at any time!

By becoming a member, you’ll help the Gilroy community thrive today and for years to come! Donate via PayPal to become a silver, gold, or platinum member or print out our form and mail us a check. Thank you for giving where you live!