Start a Fund

Gilroy Foundation make it easy for you, your family, or your organization to start a separate charitable fund, without the cost and administrative demands of funding a private fund.

The minimum amount to start a separate fund is $10, 000. Consecutive annual donations via our membership program is another way to establish a fund. When those donations come to $10,000, a separate fund can be established.

We offer many types of funds for individuals, families, groups or organizations:

  1. An Unrestricted Fund is utilized by Gilroy Foundation grant process to meet the current needs of the community
  2. A Field of Interest Fund can support your particular interests (e.g. education, the arts, youth sports, displaced families, etc.)
  3. A Designated Fund gives you a way to support your favorite charity with permanent annual support
  4. With a Donor-Advised Fund, you can suggest who the recipients will be each year
  5. Non-Profit Partner Funds allow local non-profit groups to invest endowments or capital campaign contributions through Gilroy Foundation
  6. Scholarship Funds can be established to support local high school and college students