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     Message from our Executive Director

Gilroy just got a little brighter! 

Thank you to our 137 donors who participated in Silicon Valley Gives yesterday, May 5.  We are thrilled to announce donations of over $16,000!

All sixteen of our Non Profit Partners in our community received generous donations as well as did the Gilroy Foundation General Endowment Fund. 

These monies grew our endowment and increases our grant dollars for years to come.


In the spirit of giving,

Donna Pray



Our Guiding Principles

  • Our mission is to invest charitable gifts into a lasting legacy and mobilize funding to serve the vital needs of the Gilroy community.
  • Our vision is to mobilize public and private financial support in order to grow the endowment and facilitate pass-through funding, thereby increasing grant giving.
  • Our goal is to become widely known as Gilroy’s foremost charity and problem-solving resource.
  • Our desire is to foster unity and cooperation between the Foundation and other grant-giving organizations.
  • Our intent is to provide expertise to other groups in need.
  • Our heart lies in allowing philanthropy to occur that can make a real difference in people’s lives.