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Message from our Executive Director

What are those “dog days of summer” that are upon us?  Apparently, the ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “diēs caniculārēs" or “dog days." The name came about because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius. Sirius was known as the “Dog Star" because it was the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog).  So, here we have August 2018!

But here at the Foundation, we’re busy preparing for our 29th annual “A Day in the CountryCountry Club Charm!  We have been working on this October 6 event since January, summertime is when it really picks up.  Chairperson Melissa Wark, along with our Event Coordinator Roya Wallace, have had multiple meetings with the entire committee working on procuring great auction items and designing a delicious menu and wine pairing with the Rosewood CordeValle team.  And, we’re lucky to have Jayson Stebbins is our guest auctioneer again this year.  “A Day in the Country” invitations will be in the mail at the end of August.  And, there will also be a webpage to order event tickets online.  Our Getaway raffle this year will be at the beautiful CordeValle partner property Rosewood “Inn of the Anasazi” in Santa Fe, New Mexico – wow!

We’re also busy sending scholarship awards to colleges at this time of year and wish our best to our Gilroy graduates who will be starting a new chapter in their lives!

We are truly blessed in this community to have so many donors who make this happen!

~Donna Pray

“Give Where You Live”



We are proud that three local businesses continue to support Gilroy's community foundation as a Sustaining Sponsor.  Thank you to Christopher Ranch, Gilroy Toyota and Pinnacle Bank for your commitment to our community and the programs of the Gilroy Foundation!






       Our Guiding Principles

  • Our mission is to invest charitable gifts into a lasting legacy and mobilize funding to serve the vital needs of the Gilroy community.
  • Our vision is to mobilize public and private financial support in order to grow the endowment and facilitate pass-through funding, thereby increasing grant giving.
  • Our goal is to become widely known as Gilroy’s foremost charity and problem-solving resource.
  • Our desire is to foster unity and cooperation between the Foundation and other grant-giving organizations.
  • Our intent is to provide expertise to other groups in need.
  • Our heart lies in allowing philanthropy to occur that can make a real difference in people’s lives.