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     Message from our Executive Director

"growing up gilroy"

Growing up in Gilroy conjures up different memories for each of us.  As we stand back to reflect on them as adults, the memories may be much sweeter than the reality.  So let’s focus on that…..those idyllic times of Gilroy Little League, tumbling classes at Wheeler Auditorium, pre-schools at Las Animas Park, swim lessons at the Gilroy High School pool, outdoor adventure camp at Bonfante Tree Haven, Parks and Rec sports…and so much more.

Here at the Gilroy Foundation, our Mission is to invest charitable gifts into a lasting legacy, serving the vital needs of the Gilroy Community.  Our Heart lies in allowing philanthropy to occur to make a real difference in people’s lives.

With that in mind, I hatched a dream about five years ago: contact those who remember “Growing Up Gilroy” to help create a fund at the Gilroy Foundation that would fulfill the dreams of today’s youth who may not have the full financial ability to participate in some of those local activities that could make a real difference in their lives.  Our Board loved the idea!

Recently, the “Growing Up Gilroy Fund” began to take shape at an Ambassador’s meeting when its name was unanimously accepted and leadership came forward in the shape of the twenty-something son of that Ambassador who came up with the name.

Our goal is to find a minimum of 200 donors at $50 each who remember “Growing Up Gilroy.”

We have already reached out to our Ambassadors, our Boards and our existing Fund Donors and have had a wonderful response.  We hope that this fund will fulfill many grant requests from organizations who will be able to give full or partial financial assistance to our youth who may be unable to afford program fees.

If you want to be part of this fund, please contact us here at the Foundation!

~Donna Pray



Our Guiding Principles

  • Our mission is to invest charitable gifts into a lasting legacy and mobilize funding to serve the vital needs of the Gilroy community.
  • Our vision is to mobilize public and private financial support in order to grow the endowment and facilitate pass-through funding, thereby increasing grant giving.
  • Our goal is to become widely known as Gilroy’s foremost charity and problem-solving resource.
  • Our desire is to foster unity and cooperation between the Foundation and other grant-giving organizations.
  • Our intent is to provide expertise to other groups in need.
  • Our heart lies in allowing philanthropy to occur that can make a real difference in people’s lives.